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So, it's been a while... but the newsletter is back. There are a lot of new goodies to the left - all of which you can't find on the main site. Due to recent changes, this is the only place you can find new 1GE brush sets. But, if you're receiving this in your inbox then you already know that.

I hope you all enjoy this latest installment. I already have another issue in the works full of more stock and luscious resources for your creative endeavors.


S P O T L I G H T   ::   " R E A L "   A R T
composition by jackson pollack It's the background for all visual media. Composition, form, color, style... it's all there. Now, how can we learn from it in order to make our digital art better? I think the basic rule of any modern art form - in its time - is to think outside the box. Better yet, throw the box away. Find a way to think differently, to see differently.

As far as digital art goes, no one wants to see the same old blend techniques time after time. Throw in some hand drawn lines, some off center images - toy with your compositions and make them original. If you have a scanner you can draw things by hand and scan them into your computer to add to your work. Forget about making something that you think will appeal to others. Turn off that inner critic.

If an effort to get you thinking outside the box I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite pieces of "real" art. They are raw and untamed... intuitive in a way that taps into the subconscious. View them thoughtfully then turn to your digital work with a new inspiration.

& Beverly Ashe
& Jean-Michel Basquiat
& Henri Matisse
& Jackson Pollack

& Little Ink Pot
& Xero
& Little Ink Pot

& Creative Forums (primarily for digital artists) hosts a "Real Art" challenge.

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