Lee is a 28 year old quasi-spiritual painter with an overwhelming desire to create. This leads to many artistic pursuits and not a lot of organization or clear-headedness. Lee = determined daydreamer and relentlessly hopeless romantic.

I am a classically trained artist. I have been painting, sculpting, and potting, for almost 15 years. I am an abstract painter... where I paint the things that can only be seen through the mind of the artist (me). I have a studio out of my garage which serves as my sanctuary and which will one day help me spit out a masterpiece.

This site opened up in January of 2002 and is owned by Lee. This is a personal site full of art, poetry, random musings, and some other crap. You used to be able to find free digital art resources and my graphic art portfolio. This included brushes, textures, and a newsletter with stock photos, tutorials, and other goodies. Sorry, after four years of doing this I've decided it's time to give that part of my life up. All things run their course. If you're still interested in that stuff (and you've taken the time to read this) you can jump over to the 1GE Yahoo! group and download brushes and get current newsletters. CLICK HERE

This site is coded using the free html editor 1st Page 2000. I love this editor! Get it now! Oh, and all graphics are created with Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 & 8 since photoshop hates me. That might be because I fondly call it the devil.

Chaz the Chick

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