Don't ask me why I feel compelled to make these sight assailing things. On the one hand I think they are a waste of time, not to mention they may induce seizures and possibliy vomitting. On the other hand, a semi-trance state occurs while I'm making them that acts as a mild seditive and consequently allows for addiction to occur. So, I will at least try to make them interesting and hopefully, not at all like anyone else's. There may be some people who are offended by a blinkie or two, as I will not be censoring any ideas I may have. Leave now if you're the prudish type - or a nun or something.


art is life hmmm... Well, it would be an awful waste of space I am tired until the moon is high in the sky
yes, I like muppets okay, so it's a fetish I have a 20 year old cabbage patch kid that I've had since I was six fraggles rock!
abby hoffman style all the gods are one and we are all one who serve the one - marion zimmer bradley from the mists of avalon born again and again and again Xena kicks ass!
I like star trek, so what of it? Odie really does rock. And one day... the Flyers will win the Stanley Cup, again. Amen.

& ADOPTED PIXELS (I've got an unnatural attachment to these hamsters.)


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you can use them with a frog.
You can eat them on a plate
you can molest them 'til it's late.

All that the person channeling Dr. Suess asks is that you save them to your computer and upload them to your own server/host. Karma is a bitch! I will find out who you are!

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