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So... new design. What do you think. I've moved Skyclad to this page and also gotten rid of a few things. I think I like it.

I am excited about the Dream Diary (below) that I have been thinking about for a while. I hope I have some interesting dreams to archive there. The links are up and working, but because it's brand new, the archives won't have much. Now I just need to get over to 1gefree and start making some new templates. I am also thinking about incorporating Starduster into that site. Suggestions?

Twilight has been all together consuming lately and there is a ton of new stuff to do and see over there. Check out the new forums, links database, postcards, and more.

Any and all comments on the changes can be left in the guestbook or by using the comments link below. You know what a whore I am for feedback. Even negative feedback... *evil grin*
eyelight lee | 11/15/2002

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11.19.02 - Another Afternoon Nap

There was some kind of gathering at a house that I knew was not mine, but I wasn't sure who exactly lived there. Among the crowd were faces I knew and others that I 've never seen before in this life.

I went to walk to the bathroom - down a rather long hallway. I passed a bedroom that I knew belonged to a skinny blonde I had seen with a hot pink cup in her hand in the living room. I didn't know her name. As I passed I faintly heard a man and woman talking. I heard tha man say "That girl is afraid of the moon." I knew he was talking about the little blonde, but I thought he was wrong aout her. I poked my head inside the room to say so, but then I noticed the windows in the room. There were a lot of them and all of them had the curtains open but one. To the left side of the room - over the bed - there was a large window covered by a pink sheer curtain. Beyond the sheer could be seen a ripe full moon. I tried to say that the girl was certainly not afraid of the moon, hten met eyes with the middle aged woman who lay upon the bed. Her eyes somehow made me understand, and I knew that the blonde was not only afraid of the moon, but she was afraid of seeing herself reflected in it .

During the dream it seemed I had a clear understanding of what being 'afraid of the moon' meant - very much like the way I understood 'already being dead' in my previous entry. I have since lost all understanding of both statements.
eyelight lee | 11/20/2002

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Private Party

I'm sick of dancing
This angry tug-of-war tango,
Living in this place
Where I'm too vaguely aware that
Pain permeates pore.

All the pretending
That I'm not still that little girl,
But skinned knees leave scars
On soft and lonely human souls
Without good armour.

I'm tired of the loss
Of a man who never cared much
Except to leave as
He tattooed music on my soul,
With tears in his wake.

Private lonliness.
It's unconciously purposeful,
Or so it may seem,
Because no one is invited
To join this party.

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