MAJOR UPDATE: Well, the little guy has gotten a new name and a new look. Head over to the shop to see his fabulous new appearance and to get formally introduced to Peach. There are some wonderful things happening for these two. Stay tuned.

Chaz (formerly Garbanzo) is the creation of Lee (that's me) of Basically, he gets dressed up in various ways, sometimes with his friend Peach, and other times all by his lonesome. He's fun and seems bashful, though he really loves being the center of attention.

On these pages you'll find a bunch of pictures of Chaz, Peach, and perhaps the occassional friend. All images are free to display on your page as long as they are linked to and your page is not commercial. You may not offer these images to anyone else or claim them as your own as they are the creative property of Lee (that's me). Most images will not work on any background color other than white. Want another color? Ask me.

You can find Chaz Gear at

Stay on the lookout for other Chaz and Peach stuff, both from here and from the shop. We're (that means me) working on icons, tiny adoptables, and other crap to clutter your site with.

Have fun and be good to him. He's kind of like a Mogwai. Remember what happens when you neglect a Mogwai? You've been warned. Tic-tac?