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Tools can be simple and hand made. There is no need to purchase elaborate and expensive tools from suppliers. This is an Earth based faith, therefore tools can and should be provided by The Earth herself.

This is a simple list of the most often used tools in magick. None of these tools are actually needed to practice ritual. All that is truly needed is you and your intent. The tools you choose depend on you and your mood.

The Wand - Members of Circle of The Green have wands made of Corkscrew Willow. The wands were found on the ground and were considered a gift from the tree inself. Carvings, stones, paint, feathers, etc. may be added to embellish your wand. Traditionally wands are thirteen inches long. Other trees also provide wonderful wands. You can have many wands or staffs made for various woods for various magickal purposes.

Athame - The athame is a black handled knife used for ritual purpose. It can be substituted by a wand or any object with which you can direct energy.

Pentacle - Once again, this can be made instead of purchased. One member of Cotg found a plain wooden plate at a yard sale for 25 cents and painted a pentacle onto it. You could also fashion your pentacle out of clay, paint it onto glass or ceramic plates with craft paints, or simply draw it with chalk in your sacred space.

Bolline - A bolline is a white handled knife used for cutting herbs and other mundane, but magickal, tasks. Any sharp edged knife can be used in it's place.

Robes and Ritual Dress - Fun to make and wear. Ritual dress and jewelery can help to change you mood and prepare you mind for the magickal tasks at hand.

Images of Deities - You can simply use candles, drawings, or other creations of your own hand. To represent the Triple Goddess you can use three candles - white for the Maiden, red for the Mother, and black for the Crone. Alternately, three white candles is also appropriate. There are plants, stones, colors, etc. that can all represent aspects of the divine.

Book of Shadows - This is your holding place for your rituals and reference material. It is nice to have this present during ritual to read from, but it is best to have invocations memorized before hand. Alternately the Book of Shadows may be written in at the end of ritual, when you are alone, to document your experience.

Censer - Used to burn incense during ritual. Any bowl or container can be used as long as it be heat proof or on a surface which is.

Cup or Chalice - Used to hold liquids during ritual. A common wine glass, or any glass for that matter, works fine.

Cauldron - Can symbolize The Goddess and is used to light ritual fires and during various other magickal spells and workings.

The Bell - Used to call the spirits to the circle. Can be made out of anything, but is traditionally brass.

The Broom/Besom - This can be used to cleanse the circle before rituals by "sweeping" out the negative energy. Many keep a broom by the door or hearth of their home to guard against negativity.

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