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The Moon is symbolic of the Goddess and Witches strive to become attuned to it's ever changing energies. The different faces of the Moon can lend specific qualities to your magickal workings.

Waxing Moon: The time of the Waxing Moon (when the Moon grows from a tiny sliver to being full and ripe) is the time to perform spells which will draw something towards you. The Waxing Moon is a face of the Goddess in Her aspect of virginal, free-spirited Maiden.

Full Moon: This is the time when there is the most power to preform invoking, or gainful rituals. The Full Moon represents the Goddess in Her aspect as Mother - fertile, pregnant and gentle.

Blue Moon: When there are two Full Moons in a single month, the second is refered to as a Blue Moon. It is considered more powerful than the regular Full Moon.

Waning Moon: The time of the Waning Moon (when the Moon diminishes from Full to being dark and mysterious) is the time to perform banishing spells and rituals to remove bad habits. This phase is representitive of the Goddess in her aspect of Crone.

New Moon: The time of the New Moon is used to reveal secrets and plan for new beginnings. This phase is also a face of the Goddess in Her aspect of the dark, wise Crone and is an excellent time for divination, especially scrying.

Black Moon: This is when two New Moons occur in a single month. The second one is called a Black Moon and is considered more powerrful than the regular New Moon.

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