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Take three candles, one each of white, red, and black. As you light each candle say the corresponding invocations below.

Maiden - white candle
This flame I light for the free spirit of the Maiden,
She who is forever young.

Mother - red candle
This flame I light for the protective love of the Mother,
She who gives birth to all.

Crone - black candle
This flame I light for the ancient wisdom of the Crone,
She who stirs the cauldron.

When all three candles are lit welcome the Goddess in your own words or you can use the phrase below.

Welcome Great Goddess to our circle. May your presence bless this space and all who inhabit it.

When you are ready to open your circle, bid the Goddess fairwell.

Thank you Maiden, Mother, and Crone for joining us on this night. Go if you must, but stay forever in our hearts.

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