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Once again, trust your instincts to tell you what the appropriate scent or offering is for the required purpose. Triggering your "younger self" or subconcious mind is what is important to affectively setting your will in motion. Remember also that your sense of smell is a direct link to your memories and can be quite effective in changing your mood and helping with visualization.

Basil - money, exorcism

Bergamont - attract wealth

Cinnamon - wealth, success, money

Frankincense - for consecrating objects, protection, astral projection

Honeysuckle - luck, health

Lavender - opens the eyes to see truth, peace, relaxation, meditation

Musk - courage, desire, vitality

Myrrh - spirituality, purification, protection, healing

Patchouli - money, love, desire

Pine - strength, money, ward off negative energies

Rose - for a peaceful home, love, beauty

Sandalwood - healing, protection, purification

Strawberry - love, luck, friendship

Vanilla - to enhance memory, associated with love

Ylang ylang - strengthen and create balance in love

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