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You have simple tools for magick sitting in your kitchen cupboard. Infuse some magick into your cooking or grab a spice jar when you need an ingredient for a spell on the fly.

Anise: psychic self-defense, inner vision, ritual bath, healing incense, longetivity

Basil: protection, love, wealth, healing relationships, courage, fertlity

Bay: wisdom, protection, psychic powers

Caraway: health, lust, protection from theft, mental powers

Cinnamon: spiritual quests, augmenting powers, love, success, psychic work, cleansing

Clove: dispel negativity, protection, money, vision, incense against gossip

Coriander: protection, peace, health

Dill: protection children, anti-magick charm

Fennel: purification, protection, healing, money

Garlic: protection, healing, courage

Ginger: power, success, love, consecrate tools

Marjoram: love, protection, wealth

Mint: money, healing, strength, protection, travel

Mustard: health, protection, fertility

Nutmeg: prosperity

Parsley: victory, protection, breaking habits

Pepper: protection, ward negativity

Rosemary: memory, sleep, purification, blessing

Sage: wisdom, longetivity, wishes

Thyme: purification, healing, psychic energy

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