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Food Blessings

Great Mother,
Bless this food of your fertile bounty.
May it nourish body and spirit.
Blessed be.

Great Goddess,
Lay your blessings upon this meal
Which is your blood and body.
(We accept your gifts in thanks.)
Blessed be.

A Morning Prayer

From the wind, that is her voice, I gather strength.
From the hearth's fire, that is her heart, I find peace.
From the rain, that is her tears, my soul is cleansed.
From the fertile soil, that is her womb, I am nourished.
Mother, I ask for your guidance as another day begins.

A Nighttime Prayer

May the Goddess smile down on me.
May my dreams be gentle and sweet.
May the fairies protect me from harm.
Until it is the Moon's turn again to sleep.

Priestess of Circle of the Green

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