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The tradition of Circle of The Green is primarily Goddess centered and loosely based on the Reclaiming Tradition of Wicca, though we are not a Wiccan group. While the majority of principles are the same for most traditions of Witchcraft, Circle of The Green believes in simplicity and advancement through inner reflection without much of an emphasis on Ceremonial High Magick. Circle of The Green also stands by the belief that all the Gods and Goddesses are one, including the Gods and Goddesses of those religions who are said to persecute those of The Old Ways.

There is a huge thirst for knowledge of all kinds within Circle of The Green and throughout The Book of Mysteries you may come across scientific theory that applies to certain topics. There is also an emphasis placed on learning about other faiths and respecting them as we do our own. Because of this you will find reflections on Buddhism and The Dharma, Catholicism, and others. We believe that all religion stems from a single ancient source. This source exists where the human race evolved the ability to reason and think rationally. Over hundreds and thousands of years our people (human beings) moved farther away from this original source. The farther away we moved, the more lines we began to forget of our original Divine story. Eventually, new lines were created and new religions and beliefs began to form. This, we believe, is the origin of the multiple beliefs of The World today.

Circle of The Green is a Pagan group with the purpose of gaining enlightenment on many levels. In love and light we live and breathe the sacred dance and begin our journey with each other.

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