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You may call your book anything you like. For example - Book of the Green, Book of Shadows, Book of Wisdom, Book of the Goddess, etc. We feel that Book of Mysteries is more appropriate and more original to our tradition.

The pages contained in Circle of The Green's Online Book of Mysteries are simply a base to be built upon. Some of the information present can be found in numerous heavily published books. It is compiled here, with a large amount of original information from COTG, in printable form to be placed in a three ring binder to which you can add your personal grimoire, journal, experiences, dreams, etc. Eventually, you may create a book to transfer your personal Book of Mysteries to written form. This way is known to be much more magickal.

COTG members own a soft bound black leather book which is organized with title page, blessings and the sacred law at the front. The rest of the information is added as the years go by with no particular form of organization, but a title at the top of the page helps find specific entries with ease. No two books are the same, though they all include the same basic core structure of beliefs.

A suggested way to organize your binder, and later your bound book, would go as follows.

· title page
· personal book blessings/invocations
· the sacred law
· ritual - invocations to dieties, casting the circle, calling the quarters, consecration of tools, full moons, sabbats, etc.
· texts, prayers, and songs
· herbal grimoire
· magickal information and spellworkings - place at the back of your written book so that this section can be added to as you experiment and create new rituals that you may want to record. Your personal journal and reflections/notes on spellwork may also be included here. Alternately you may want to have a seperate notebook for this purpose.

These pages are by no means doctrine or meant to represent a single way to practice. They are but sources for reference, ideas, and one groups's thoughts on the diverse practice of Witchcraft and Goddess Worship in Pagan religion.

Use this information wisely, and may The Goddess bless your eager mind with the understanding you desire.

Circle of The Green Book of Shadows
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