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Artemis herb, Artemisia, Felon Herb, Muggons, Naughty man, Old Man, Old Uncle Henry, Sailor's Tobacco, St. John's Plant

Mugwort, sacred to the Goddess in her guises of Artemis and Diana, is a powerful tool for aiding in divination and other psychic endeavors. The herb can also add strength to the body and has healing properties.

It can be found flowering in the wild during midsummer along paths and hedges. It may grow between 3 and 4 feet with angular, reddish-brown stems. The leaves are smooth and green on the top and white and hairy on the underside. The flowers of mugwort are a yellowish-brown color and are about the size of a button.

Infusions (tea) of mugwort are used to cleanse and wash crystal balls and often drunk to aid divination. It can also be burned with a mixture of sandalwood and wormwood as an incense during scrying. Place mugwort next to the bed to help achieve astral projection.

Carrying mugwort is said to protect a person from poison, wild beasts, and sunstroke. It is also carried to increase lust and fertility, to prevent backaches, and to cure disease and madness. Bunches of the herb hung over doors and/or windows prevents evil from entering a building. This is a practice still in use in parts of Asia.

Medicinally, the leaves and flowering tops of mugwort can be used as an infusion to aid digestion and cure a sour stomach. Regulating menstruation can also be achieved by taking an infusion of this plant. When used as a poultice it is said to help reduce the risk of infection on external wounds and to lessen bleeding. Gargling with the infusion eases a sore throat.

WARNING: pregnant women should not take Mugwort as it may cause miscarriage.

Medicinal tea: Steep 1 tsp. dried herb in cup boiling water 12 minutes, take in mouthful doses throughout the day.

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