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Gaia Consort is a group of musicians whose music is empowering and touching to the soul. I personally own some of their music and would not know where to turn to for inspiring pagan music without it. I have been recommended Gaia Consort to my friends for years and I will continue to do so. I love every chord of this fine music and I am sure you will to.

Learn more about Gaia Consort and sample some music before you purchase at their

Some reviews:

"... a passionate, rhythmic, celebration of life, grounded in a Pagan reverance for the earth... It's easy to see why Gaia Consort has not only earned kudos and fans in the pagan community, but also among folks of all walks of life who share their love of the natural world and good music."
- Richard Middleton, Victory Review

".... I've finally found a Pagan/Gaian group that takes up the cloak (or should I say the guitar?) of the immortal pagan bard Gwydion Penderwen. ....has got my vote for Pagan/Gaian group of the year, if not the Millenium.
- Anne Newkirk Niven, Sagewoman Magazine

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