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The unique sound of Music for the Goddess has the ability to transport you to new places. Each song is a gateway to a new journey.

On a few of their songs in their own words:

Goddess Mandala
We think no one has attempted something quite like this since the "album sides" of the 70's. During the fifteen minutes of this work, you will hear some familiar Pagan chants, and some melodies that appear in other songs of this album. We also invoke the names of over 150 Goddesses uncovered with the assistance of "Goddesses in World Mythology, a Biographical Dictionary," by Martha Ann & Dorothy Myers Imel. We will be including information about these Goddesses shortly. We invite you to listen and meditate, dance or whatever strikes your fancy.

Calling the Quarters
This is a song of invocation. In the opening of a Wiccan ritual the four directions (East, South, West and North) and elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) are called to join the circle as the candles are lit. You are also invited into the circle with the Goddess and the God in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
Guest guitarist Jim Incollingo adds his bluesy melodies to the endeavor.

In the Belly of the Mother
This song commemorates the major Sabbat of Imbolc (the return of the sun). This Sabbat occurs on February 2nd every year. It is a time for cleansing and celebration, for we notice that the days are getting longer, and spring will soon be here. It is the festival of the Goddess Brigit, patroness of poets, bards, and musicians, Goddess of the fire: candles, forges and the internal fires of creativity, Protector of pregnant women, midwives and women in labor. We dedicate this song to Her.
In the Belly of the Mother features Rich Sheridan on lead vocals.

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