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Sabrina is a purist pen and ink artist with an old world flair. Her subject matter centers around goddesses and various other pagan themes. She is available for commissions and sells a vast quanity of prints.

About Sabrina (from her site):
Sabrina is a Solitary, Irish Witch living and crafting in Pennsylvania, USA. Her pen and ink craftsmanship has been perfected over the last 30 years.

Sabrina clings to the "Old style" of dipping her nibbed pen into an Ink Well as her ancestors did so long ago. The art community considers her a “Purist” and upholding this tradition just mirrors her beliefs and love of the craft.

"It's a painstaking process - but the end result is always magickal and well worth the effort. My Pagan purchasing public would have their magickal art as well crafted as possible and I will produce nothing less for them!" Says Sabrina. "Do I not expect well made magickal oils and soaps from them? My artwork is my karma and I will produce and send out into the world only the best artwork Goddess grants me!"

The emergence of her artwork upon the Pagan Community completely coincided with her own emergence from the Broom Closet. Who else to create your magickal artwork than an "Old Religion" and "Old style" Ink Witch?

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