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A Story of Creation

In a time before time there was only the young Goddess and the blackness of the deepest consciousness. Seeing the darkness around her, the Goddess found that she was lonely and lacked sensation, so she created a male consort, who was also she, and set forth the process of creation.

At the moment of their first embrace the stars burst into the blackness and as they kissed celestial bodies bounced among them to celebrate their innocent passion. Great, empty oceans of space remained and the planets were empty of life. So it was that the Goddess and the God joined again as One conceiving life within the womb of the Divine Mother.

In time the Mother was ready to bring forth all that was and all that is. She strained and cried out as the life force that is in us all was brought into existence. Her joyous tears became the oceans among the Earth and Her voice became the wind. His essence fertilized the fields and conceived Her bounty for their children.

Light came to the Divine pair as their children grew and they sent forth those who could teach and enlighten the souls who sought to know Them. They taught that they are within us and we are they. And we understood that all that lives was loved.

The children gave their Divine Parents many names, but always knew them as the One. They danced in ceremonies of worship to them and lived in harmony with plants and animals who were also children of the Goddess. They tended their own fields and recognized the seasons as the eternal cycle of rebirth. They loved without fear and reveled in joy. They knew that death was not an end, but a beginning, and that all life returns to the Mother to be reborn again.

And so the Universe came into being by the love of the Goddess and her consort the God, and so was love and light brought into the void of the deepest and most ancient of consciousness.

Priestess of Circle of the Green

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