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Degree System and Initiation *UPDATED

Circle of the Green does not use of system of degree. There is a period of dedication followed by a single rite of initiation. The standard dedication length is one year and one day. This varies depending on the experience of the individual. Of course we would not make someone who has five years experience study for a year, but the experience must be validated by the knowledge and actions of the person.

Knots on the Circle of the Green three-color (white, green, blue) cord belt will mark experience and knowledge. For example, if you have been with Circle of the Green for 2 years and studied for 6 prior to joining, you would have 6 knots on your white cord and 2 on your green one. The blue cord is to denote your area of expertise or study. You would leave it blue if you choose to not concentrate on anything in specific. If you choose a concentration, you would twist the appropriately colored cord for that concentration with the blue cord. Knots would then be added to mark years of study for your concentration. See below for the list of concentration topics and their corresponding denotation.

Note: You can choose to study more than one path or none at all. You may change your path at any time. You may also introduce a new path to COTG. All paths come with responsibility.

Healer - Includes studies and practices with energy healing, medicinal herbs, and other holistic practices of your choice. (lighter shade of blue)

Seer - One may study and practice with any number of divination tools, including, but not limited to Tarot, scrying, astrology, numerology, runes, dowsing, etc. (deeper/darker shade of blue)

Seeker - Includes mastering of the arts of meditation and inner focus, visions, journeying, projection, lucid dreaming, energy work, guides, spirits, etc. (black)

Scribe/Artist/Bard/Poet - A creator or sacred words and visions which revere, honor, or represents the God/dess. Also aids in the writing of prayers/invocations and the construction of rituals. (olive/sage/forest green)

Teacher - Someone gifted with the ability to teach the mysteries to others. This requires devotion to years of study and time spent with students. (white)

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