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Practicing Ethics

Second Principle of Belief: The Sacred Law Governs All

We recognize the existence of powers beyond our comprehension at work in the Universe. We believe in balance through Karma, the existence of Fate, and the non-existence of coincidences. Everything happens for a reason and the Universe, through the divine, will never give you more than you can handle.

"So, what's this Sacred Law thing all about anyway?"

It is much easier to depend on others to make your decisions and judgments for you. The real test of an ethical individual is displayed when people are left to think for themselves. Some may say, "What's to stop me from hurting others if there is no law against it?" The answer to that question lies within the true nature of the human soul. Inside, we are all good people. Some good people make mistakes, or bad decisions and the Sacred Law is needed to act through the Universe to return that Karma to the individual who inflicted injury on another.

Ethics in Magic(k)

Third Principle of Belief: Ethical Practice of Magick and Ritual

It does not matter how one practices their tradition if they are ethical in their ways. The true matter lies in why one practices. Power will not be given to those who can not better their world without the appropriate karmic repercussions. The Universe owes you nothing if you have never given back to the Universe. When expecting a desire to manifest, you should also expect to pay for that desire. Give back to the community, be kind to all, and the Universe will grant you the happiness you deserve.

"Is it okay to put a spell on my ex-boyfriend?"

While the decision is left up to you, you should ask yourself if putting a spell on you ex-boyfriend goes against the Sacred Law. Do you want him to be hurt, in emotional pain, manipulated to love you again, transformed into a toad, or otherwise suffering? If so, The Sacred Law tells you that those things will be returned unto you within time. If you are willing to risk the bad Karma, it is still ultimately your decision, but the price may be higher than you think.

If you would like to do a healing or pray for your ex-boyfriend to find happiness, even after he has caused you pain, that is completely acceptable according to the Sacred Law. Finding compassion and forgiveness in the face of emotional disorder is a hard thing to do, but it will strengthen your ties to the Universe and allow you to live a life inspired by love and kindness, and perhaps even help you release old, pent-up angers.

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