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The Ideal Ritual

Below is sort of a creative piece which represents the long term goals that Circle of the Green wishes to someday achieve.

The land is private. Trees surround us on every side. The trees are tall and magnificent with branches that hang down, protecting us. There are Willows, Oaks, and various other ancient varieties.

As we walk towards our circle we pass a carved statue of the Great Mother and each of us leaves a small token as an offering to Her. She is beautifully carved from a fallen log with soft and serene features. She seems alive in the moonlight.

We come to the circle and find the thirteen knee high stones, which have been carved in ancient symbols and writings. The carvings are new, put there by our own hands, yet they speak of all that is old and made of mystery. All are cleansed before entering the stones and walk clockwise to take their place within the ring.

The altar stands to the east. It is covered in the flowers of the season and the few tools needed for our timeless ritual. The Priestess steps in front of the altar and the circle is about to be cast. She lifts her arms high and speaks…

I call upon the timeless power of the Ancients!

Old Ones of our people, aid me in lifting the veil between the worlds. Let us walk among the mists of mystery and magick once more.

May these stones create the sacred circle of protection and power. What we have created let no other put asunder.

Each of us sees the blue beam of energy moving between the stones and we know that the circle has been cast around us.

The elements are called. The Goddess is invoked. The power builds as a fire begins to blaze from the center of the circle. We can feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth through our bare feet. It seems the Mother begins to sing. Our voices join her in celebration of life.

~ Grian, scribe of Circle of the Green.

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