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The Turning of the Midsummer Wheel

Lady of Summer,
Queen Goddess of the Earth,
Sweet, dewy, upturned rose,
Passionate partner,
Wrapped in glorious heat.
He's calling you from the forest.
We great Him with you in delight.

His light shines gold upon us
Made more brilliant by Her embrace.
They make their journey together,
Locked tightly in eternal kiss.

With their decent comes clarity,
The wisdom of the ages,
The kiss of Sophia marking their brow
As they rise to greet us, grieving for the Sun.

The Son has slain the father,
Leaving the Mother to grieve for her lover
As He journey's to the otherworld and back to Her womb.

Now the light will wane,
Shadows creeping along the ground.
So we celebrate this day, the peak of Summer,
As the Oak King has reigned in peace and love
We remember His light in our rituals
With the knowledge that he will return again.

We greet His Son, the Holly King,
Whose reign will take us to the next Solstice.
He is the Winter King of darker days and colder nights
Who will father The returning Sun King as Consort to His Mother

At Yule the Sun will make his return,
Child of the Goddess and Her Son-Lover.
For he is ever dying yet ever living.
He is his own Son, his own Father and Grandfather.
He is Every Man.

Together they create life in the womb of the Mother
They live and love in joy and without fear.
We move along with them, celebrating them as our Divine Parents
As the seasons pass and the wheel turns.

~ Grian, scribe of Circle of the Green

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