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Crafting a Tradition - Notes and Info

From what other traditions does COTG pull from?

- Celtic, specifically Ancient Irish, as is the predominant lineage of the founders of this tradition. Celtic also includes Scottish, Welsh, and English/British.

- Avalonian, but not perhaps in the tradtional sense. Through this source we have gained the belief that all god/desses are one.

- Universal Eclectic Witchcraft

- Reclaiming

- The incorporation of herblore, magick, folklore, etc.

- Some may say that the ideas of balance came from the East, though who is to know for sure when the concept was first thought of?

What deities are called, revered, or worshipped?

- Individual members often have their own names for diety that differ from the ones below. All are one.

- The Goddess by all her names and faces.
  *Great Mother Goddess

- The Dying God by all his names and faces.
  *The Horned One/Cernunnos
  *The Green Man

Overview of Belief Concepts... What do we believe?

- The Sacred Law (Karma, Balance).

- Reincarnation.

- All the Gods are One and that one has a duality that is equally recognized.

- We are all divine and of the Earth (our Mother) and the Universe.

- Magick is real; energy can be sent, recieved and manifest. Matter is made of energy.

- Love is the law.

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