Circle of the Green

Closing Ritual; Rochester Pagan Pride 2004

In Association with NEC of W.I.C.C.A.

“Reawakening a Unified Spirit Through the Goddess”


Preparation and Entering Circle: will consist of anointing with pre-prepared anointing oil and giving each participant a candleholder with white tea light and matchbook.


Anointing persons will say, “you are spirit” to all who enter as the candle is presented.


Opening Statements; Statement of Purpose


Circle is cast using Standing Stones Method

With wand or staff raised:


“We call upon the timeless power of the Ancients. Old Ones, aid us in lifting the veil between the worlds. Let us walk among the mists of mystery and magick once more.


May these stones create the sacred circle of power and protection. What we have created let no other put asunder.”


So Mote it Be!



Elements are invited with Standard Calls



“Spirits of the East,

Wild Winged Ones,

Soaring with freedom,

By the Air that is the Divine Breath of Life,

And by the ancient power of the Old Ones,

I call you to join your kin in this sacred space.

Lend insight and knowledge to our spirits.

Spirits of the East,

Hail and Welcome”



“Spirits of the South,

Fiery, Passionate Ones,

Flames of transformation,

By the Fire that is the Divine Spark of Creation,

And by the ancient power of the Old Ones,

I call you to join your kin in this sacred space.

Illuminate and intensify our workings.

Spirits of the South,

Hail and Welcome”



“Spirits of the West,

Cleansing and Pure Ones,

Bringers of Emotion,

By the Waters that are our Divine beginnings,

And by the ancient power of the Old Ones,

I call you to join your kin in this sacred space.

Cleanse this circle and bring us clarity.

Spirits of the West,

Hail and Welcome”



“Spirits of the North,

Earthen, Green Ones,

Teachers of Mysteries,

By the Earth that is the Divine Body of our Mother,

And by the ancient power of the Old Ones,

I call you to join your kin in this sacred space.

Gift this ritual with your stability and strength.

Spirits of the North,

Hail and Welcome”


The Goddess is called


“I am the Maiden of Freedom.

I am Forever Virgin,

Holy Bride,

I am all beginnings

And truth, which cannot be soiled or compromised.

Through me all that is good comes to birth.”



“I am the Mother of Compassion.

I am forever fertile,

Lady of the waters.

I am growth and strength,

Nourishing all that lives.

I change but I never die.

Through me the cause of life is served.”



“I am the Crone of Wisdom.

I have seen everything,

Endured everything,

Given everything.

I am death without which nothing can be transformed.

Through me understanding is attained.”



“I am the Great Goddess

I am the three that are One.

I am everything you see…

The Earth under your feet,

The Air which you breathe,

That water which purifies you,

The light within you…


And all of you are my spirit.

Light the flame that connects us all.”


(candles lit)


Drumming begins quietly…


Goddesses alternate lines:

1: Now close you eyes…

2: feel me beneath your feet…

3: above your head…

4: everywhere.

5: Listen to the rhythm,

6: the heartbeat,

7: the life force

8: that moves within you…

(short pause)

9: Reawaken your spirit …

10: remember me…

11: remember my lessons…

12: remember that I am always a part of you…

13: you will never be without me…

14: for I am your mother now and always…

(short pause)

15: Now open your eyes

16: to laugh,

17: sing,

18: dance,

19: and be free!

Drumming, Energy Build…  watch for the cue from lead drummer to send it off…


Closing statements


Release Goddess: ALL TOGETHER

Great Goddess,

May the piece of your essence remain in our hearts always and forever.

Blessed Be

(candles snuffed)


Release Elements



Spirits of the North,

We thank you for strengthening this ritual.

In love we bid you hail and farewell.



Spirits of the West,

We thank you for cleansing this circle.

In love we bid you hail and farewell.



Spirits of the South,

We thank you for illuminating our workings.

In love we bid you hail and farewell.



Spirits of the East,

We thank you for lending insight to our spirits.

In love we bid you hail and farewell.


Release Circle:

We thank all spirits for witnessing this rite.

May these stones carry with them the memory of this day and the energy created here.

The circle is open but ever unbroken.

Blessed be!