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The Sacred Law

There is but one law that shall serve as a guide for all of your magickal and mundane endeavors.

The universe functions on a system of balances. Know that this system will return to you all that you give it in order to maintain that balance. In one life or the next, the Universe will repay its debt to you three fold.

Love begets love. Hate begets hate. Walk the path of love and it shall be your blessing. Walk the path of hate and it shall be your curse.

You will not find 162 written rules to live by here. Nothing is commanded, nothing is forbidden. Only you can decide with your best judgment what is right and what is wrong and whom you will respect and whom you will not. Only you can put yourself on a spiritual path and only you can know the reasons why to choose that particular path.

As human beings we strive to reach the balanced state of the One. The Goddess holds all things in perfect harmony. There is a method to what seems like the entropy of everyday life. People must pass on to the next world for other souls to come into this one. There is a need for destruction and creation for you can have neither without the other.

Though there must be destruction, the Goddess is not vengeful or vicious. All is done by necessity, not animosity. Those that walk paths of hatred and evil have become very unbalanced and can not accept the darkness that hides within us all. The first step to overcoming the darkness is to claim it as a part of yourself that you must love. Only then can you integrate the darkness and begin achieving balance.

There is no wrath to fear, only The Sacred Law that governs all will decide your punishment. Hence, you will be punishing yourself.

Further Examination: Investigate Buddhism, Zen, or a combination of both. Certain passages in books may call to you to reach out your mind and discover new personal truths. Those are the moments when something quite divine in nature drops information into your lap and taps on your mind to understand this length of your journey. Don't forget to listen.

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