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Titles: A Question of Hierarchy

Very plainly, there are no ruling titles in Circle of the Green. Our only titles denote areas of study and practice. There will never be a ruler who commands curtsies and bows. As per the Sacred Law, only you can decide who will receive your respect.

Calling oneself a Priestess or Lady is not something to be taken lightly and it is not something that can be claimed without years of study. In the Old Ways it took a person thirty years to become a High Priest/ess. Today should be no different. In fact the two co-founders of Circle of the Green are studying with a Lady of the Third Degree of another tradition. Why are we doing this, you may ask? Why would we study with someone else if we already have a group and tradition of our own? Simple - The Fourth Principle of Belief: Betterment of Mind and Soul.

To learn more of others is to learn about oneself. There should never be a time when learning ends. I would never claim to know all there is to know about any tradition or form of the craft, not even after studying for thirty years.

As Pagans we practice mysteries. Mysteries are something we can not know the answers to. So, to know that you know nothing may be the wisest insight you ever gain.

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