Terms and Conditions for using 1Greeneye Designs

Templates You may use any template on your non-commercial website or weblog. Files can be altered, but the link to 1Greeneye must always remain on every page where the template is used. I would also rather you noted that the design was altered. Any and all images and css files must be saved and uploaded to your own host. NO EXCEPTIONS. Keep the free internet alive by not sucking other people's bandwidth!

Tiles Tiles may be used as wallpaper fills on your desktop or as backgrounds for the pages of your non-commercial website or weblog. All tiles must be saved and uploaded to your own host as noted above. If used on a website a link to 1greeneye must be provided on every page that include the tiles.

Templates No file or other content from this website may be reproduced or republished without expressed permission from the owner of 1Greeneye.net.

Templates The files and images that make up the design of 1Greeneye Designs are not up for grabs. When the site is redesigned the current template MAY be available for download.