She breathes him in like smoke on the wind that blows through her broken wings.

She's lost her way now. Only stopped to rest for a moment and the map fell through her hands.

Maybe she'll try the southern wind this time. Perhaps it will show her fair weather and days filled with kissable sunlight.

Or maybe the north will call her back again, close to the lakes and snow covered forests where her heart made a home once before.

She could just close her eyes and let the zephyrs guide her along like driftwood in an endless ocean, pulled by the desires of the moon.

But without him she would never have learned how to fly at all. She would not have grown beautiful wings which took her high into the sky.

So she'll stay in the storm and wait for her wings to heal again. She'll look for the stars every night and grow old in his arms. Then one day they'll fly away together, laughing as the breeze tickles their toes.

© 2004 LM Hutchings