Wandering Through An Old Notebook

I was flipping through an old, beaten up notebook of mine toady when I found the following interesting passages. Oh, so maybe it's not that old. I think it's from a couple years ago at the most. Anyway - here are the rough drafts and unfinished things I found.

Your eyes are telling me secrets that your heart can not reach.
Too intent on lonliness for the misery to ever cease.
Holding on too tight with fear for a friend.
Catapulting with delight on the thought of ever-after once again.

Be still little ray of hope,
Don't grow to be so large
That your owner won't
allow reality to shine its light.
Without that constant - you will cease to exist.

Cry for the young one who knew life so short a time.
Morn for the beautiful as they fade away from the light.
Weep for the memories and hold tight to your past...

© 2004 LM Hutchings