Under the Rose

Sweet smelling mystery,
Soft curves of deepest red,
Dew resting in petal cups,
Smooth china flower above the bed.

A secret safely kept
Beneath the sheets
Sweet mingling
Dark lilac kisses
Skin running slick
Unable to resist

sub rosa \suhb-ROH-zuh\, adverb:
Secretly; privately; confidentially.

sub rosa, adjective:
Designed to be secret or confidential; secretive; private.

Her heart was pounding as she stepped up to the front porch. The door lingered in front of her hesitant fingertips. He was waiting for her - knew she would come. The door slid on quiet hinges to reveal the smile upon his playful lips and silent intentions in his eyes. As she walked into his room there was the faint smell of smoking incense and the unmistakable aroma of the rose tied to a nail above his bed.

"Sub Rosa," she whispered as his arms were suddenly around her waist and pulling her body closer to his own.

His lips moved toward her neck making her knees weaken beneath her. She had waited so long - fantasized about this very moment for an imagined eternity. There was no way to resist it.

They were creating a secret that must be hidden from so many. It was a secret capable of wounding their souls, bonding them forever. All they wanted was one night under the rose.

{Thankyou Aquarelita for holding onto these. I didn't have any copies myself and they would've been lost. }

© 2004 LM Hutchings