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Sleepy Chamomile
(Also known as Ground Apple)

planet- Sun
element- Water
Powers- sleep, money, love, purification

We're all familiar with the endless boxes of "Sleepy Time" teas that sit on our grocer's shelves, but did you know that Chamomile has many other magickal and mundane uses.

Around the home and garden:

Grow Chamomile near ailing plants to help bring them back to life.

The infusion can be used as a facial steam, hand soak, and eye compress. This will whiten and soften the skin.

Placing a pinch in your bath water could ease the pains of sun or wind burned skin.

Most commonly used as a sedative tonic.

Create sachets and pillows to aid in sleep and induce relaxation.

Magickal Properties:

Use Chamomile as a hand wash to bring prosperity. Plus it smells fantastic.

Add to a magickal bath to promote love in your life.

Add to incenses to be used for meditation and sleep.

Sprinkle around house and surrounding property to purify and break any curses which may have been cast against you.

-By Middaysun.

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