About Goddess Inspired

So far this entire ezine is run by one individual. The content, writing, graphics, and web design are done by one lone little Pagan Girl. If you like this site she'd love to hear about it. She could use all the help you'll willing to give in the form of writing articles, participating in the Creative Arts, linking to this site, and so on. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your stay.

We have huge plans for Goddess Inspired. We hope to add new sections as the content is made avaialable. We'd love to see articles, poetry, artwork, and more by the Pagan Community. There are even plans to set up an events calender for Pagan gathering all over the world. So, get involved, help out if you like, and enjoy your stay.

p.s. Are you the organizer of a local Pagan or Pagan Friendly organization? If so you can get a website built for free. Check out the ad on your right. (no money will change hands for clicking that link. It remains on site.)