The Festival of Lugh
August 1st

"The lore on this day is that the God goes into the grain, and we cut him down. Some bloodier tales tell of the sacrifice of priest-kings in the fields to ensure an abundant harvest and survival through the winter." [excerpt by Okelle at]

Now is the time when The Goddess watches Her Lord grow old as he descends into the darkness of coming Winter. To mark this transition and celebrate the Celtic God of The Sun, Lugh, we light fires, hold circle, and feast on breads, grains, and harvest fruits.

Some activities to be done on Lughnasadh may include:

* If the Sabbat falls on a rainy day you could collect rainwater in a glass or earthenware container, add dried mugwort, and use to empower objects.

* Create a bury a Witch's Bottle (glass bottle full of sharp objects like nails, pins, needles, broken glass, etc.) near the entry to your house to ward off negativity and protect your home.

* Make a corn dolly to use at Imbolc.

* Use corn shaped muffin tins to create corn bread muffins shaped like ears of corn.

* Have a magickal picnic in which to offer libations to the Earth of bread and wine.

[Activities From Green Witchcraft By Aoumiel]

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