Lee is 27, a Sagitarrius with a Capricorn moon, spiritual, and all about freedom, expression, and art.

I am a classically trained artist. I have been painting, sculpting, and potting, for over ten years. I am an abstract painter... where I paint the things that can only be seen through the mind of the artist (me). I have a studio out of my garage which serves as my sanctuary and which will one day help me spit out a masterpiece.

Graphic art is something that I turned to as a creative outlet since it was less expensive. Many of us have experienced money troubles, and we are no exception. Buying paint, canvas, clay, glazes, getting things fired, etc... all cost a lot of money. The computer and the software inside of it is already paid for.

It has been a goal of mine to supply people with free digital art resources and so far, I think it's been successful. What else do you think would be useful to your creation ability? Please let me know if there is something else I can offer.

I'm Pagan. What does that mean? Well, Pagan is an umbrella term refering to all forms of Nature-Based Religion. I am not Wiccan, though Wiccans are considered Pagans. If I had to label myself further I would call myself Goddessian. I follow the path of the Goddess by all her names and faces.

I am the co-founder of Circle of the Green, which is operated out of my home at Three Moon Acre. I am also the Community Affairs Director of NEC of WICCA, and webmaster/ritual coordinator for RPPF.

I make it a point to study all forms of religion from all parts of the world. I believe all god/desses and all religions are, at the core, One. I believe in the essential oneness and balance in all things.

Disagree with me? Have some questions? Cool, send me an email with questions/comments and I will respond to them here. Emails that are not polite or written in sticky-caps or eubonics will not even be entertained.

I have been married to my highschool sweetheart for eight years and I am the mother of a five year old little girl. I love being married and having a child. Motherhood is the thing I am most proud of in my life. Especially as I see her grow into a good, loving person.

Having family is important to me. I do my best to work on all of my relationships. Hubby and I are still best friends after ten years of being together. I love my in-laws as though they were my blood, and my mother and I are extrememly close. So close, we even bought a house together. Family is everything... well when you have a good one.

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