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bleed for me v.2

download package #1

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brush :: bleed for me - psp7|ps6
brush :: rotten xerox - psp7|ps6
texture :: #31
texture :: #32
texture :: #33
texture :: #34
texture :: #35
texture :: #36

diane kruger :: maiden spirit
charlize theron :: freedom 2
gwyneth paltrow :: fields of gold
orlando bloom :: alone
orlando bloom :: stay
gwyneth paltrow :: light
charlize theron :: freedom
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photbreed stock New this week is another series of free stock packages from Photobreed. There are 12 packages available in this release, all full of fabulous texture and imagery. You may even recognize a pic or two as part of some of the latest brushes from 1ge. In addition to the high quality free stock, Photobreed also offers inexpensive cds jammed packed with their fantastic stock. Some of the titles included are the Texture Sampler Series, The Mecha Series, and now in the works The Floral Cd. This is an unbeatable resource for any graphic artist, not to mention the photography is just plain cool to look at.

PhotoBreed is a collaborative effort between artists, for other artists. We are working to bring you the very best in high quality stock photography to be used for your digital needs. There will be a constant supply of new photoPaks and brushes here on photoBreed. Each photo is truly unique and there is always free photoPaks available for download. We strive to help artists make their mark on the community, and leave our mark as well.

We thank you all for your enthusiasm and support. We have had a wonderful response so far and are planning on nurturing photoBreed to its full potential. In order for photoBreed to grow and prosper, your continued support is necessary. Please, explore our brushes and photoPaks and see for yourself what all we have to offer. :)

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