Poetry By Chase Millhollen

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These thoughts are as abstract as they are real

It is laughed at like a student

Lying here nor there

Mystical as the good book, yet rained with knowing

These esoteric, restricted motives are grey

Black is a combination

White is a puzzle

Grey trickles through the strokes

These colors run life, abstract as a painting.

How can one balance the blend?



-Sky Line-

I sit here on my bubble

Atop all worries

Looking down upon my world

I see the horizon of colors

I see two paths

I see one distinct

I see one carved

I see to choose

The sight of opportunity seeks closer

As I slide of my bubble into ambiguous skies.




I see the feeling

I step into it like a dream

My eyes wide shut

I center the feel

I think with no thought

I teach with no thumb

I develop levels with no action

My words are subtle as the feeling



-Bouncing Bullet-

Control the mystery

Define the future

Breathe the present

With mystery control the dark

Then the unseen will not control you

Leave all doings aside, then the darkness will bend.

Drop sight and feel serene



Cloudy rain

Rains down

Raining intrinsic emotions

Past puddles roil vibrantly

With the purest rain reflect the muddiest unpresent

Creative thought and tranquil self;

Act when all is clear still

Known sense will presently realign the right


-Split Grey-

These pictures paint me graciously

Luminous rebirths blossom

Endless landscapes and delicate friends show all that you canít see

For each picture dances with heart of passion, echoed with beautiful mysteries within boarders

Ambiguous lines blend with the undefined patterns of nature

Photos standing tall on the rhythm of rules


-Meet me there-

All I care is here

I am the dog in the wind

Letting the chaotic world breathe past me

I smirk then smile

For this world is cherished as the thinning air hitting my soul

I cry for all that I canít see

In time I re-sculpt a distant friend

He is me and you smiling back


Copyright Chase Millhollen


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