Most of these were made in the earlier days of blog templates... most for blogskins.com - which these days is populated with cutesy giggle infested templates with midis embedded in them. Oh, the horror. So, obviously you won't find anything like that here. Enjoy.

All templates are linkware. No direct linking to images or I will have to be your tool of instant karma. In case your wondering, that's really not a good thing. If you want to edit these templates in any way, go ahead as long as you credit this site with a link.

Need Help? I plain suck at tutorials, but I will try to add a few helpful links as soon as I get the chance.

- Sleeping Princess | Download {missing stlyesheet}
- Little Lady Fly | Download
- Lesbian Pulp | Download
- The Matrix | Download
- Legalpad | Download
- On My Own | Download
- Magick | Download
- Threefold | Download
- Eighties Style | Download
- Cools | Download
- DiscoTwoTone; Charade of a Girl | Download
- DiscoTwoTone; Default | Download
- Individual | Download
- Lemongrass | Download
- Minimalist | Download
- Neopolitan Summer | Download
- PlainTwoTone: Greys | Download
- PlainTwoTone: Khakireds | Download
- PlainTwoTone: Lucky Purple | Download
- PlainTwoTone: Pale Forest | Download

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