Technical Info

size: 800x600 - to use with other resolutions, set to stretch.
format: .jpg - make sure image compression is turned off in your browser before you right click and save as/set as wallpaper.
I would recommmend a program like Desktop Architect to help you better manipulate your desktop items. You can find it for download here.

Icons are made with windowsOS. I am not familliar with other OS (mac, and so forth.) so I am unsure of how to make them work, if possible, with those systems.
Simply download and unzip to the folder of your choice then use your icon utility like ActivIcons (freeware) to change the icons of any shortcut you like.
Note: Any suggested program is to be used at your own risk. Twilight will not be held responsible for problems caused by said programs.

For more on customizing your Windows desktop try this informational link.

Winamp Skins
Coming Soon...

1) You must save all graphics to your own PC and upload it to your own host. [right click + save as = not being a bandwidth thief.]
2) A link back to this site must be provided on a specified 'credits' page or somewhere on your site that is easy to see and find. For graphical links to Twilight click here.
Remember, I create these items for the public for free. Services like this are part of what makes the internet great. Please respect the terms of use seen here.

Templates Changing a Few Variables
*Change the names of the images to point to your server. (ie.
*Look through the template to see where the comment tags !---- call your attention to . There will be notes inside the tags that ask you to make a change.

Some things that may need changing:
-your name at the end of posts
-title, subtitle
-your personal links and navigation

I would advise uploading everything in the .zip file into the same web folder. This way you will not have to change the URL of any images. This means less work for you. The only problem with this is that you will also need your archives in the same folder or the images will be broken when archived posts are viewed. This would depend on how you have your archives set up and how much time you want to spend moving them to another folder.

So, the easiest way is to unzip the downloaded folder and upload the contents (images and html file) to the SAME folder on your site. You may have to change the name of the html document to your liking.