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Twilight first debuted on Tripod in October of 2001. Moved to in January 2002.

This page is hand coded with 1st page 2000 by Eyelight, who happens to also create all of the fun things you can find here. She frequently gets eye strain from staring at the overly bright screen of her computer. Please be nice and let her know if you like the things she's made for you with such programs as Jasc Paint Shop Pro7, Microangelo, Photo Shop6 and various others.


I have found many photos all over the net. I can't always remember where, but here is a list of resources I have come across.

Imagine This
City of Angelus
The Slayer and Her Slayerettes Gallery
Buffy Sheila
The BtVS/A Character Page

I'm sure there's more and I will add them as I find them or remember. :)


I have a brush fetish, which means I download them by the truckload from the following beautiful people who also make them for free. Then I use them to create the graphics you find decorating these pages.

Nonexistent Brushes