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The Details:
Better Off Dead
1985 20th Century Fox

Better Off Dead is considered an 80's cult classic due to it's witty and original humour that still appeals to audiences after almost two decades.

The Plot:
Lane Myer, played by John Cusack, is your average, awkward American teen until the day his shallow girlfriend Beth (Amanda Wyss) dumps him. Lane falls into a very deep depression which leads to absolute hilarity when Lane tries endlessly to commit suicide. Lane does not succeed in killing himself but instead attempts to ski a perilous mountain in order to win Beth back only to eventually realize his life is better than he thought thanks to a french foreign exchange student named Monique (Diane Franklin).

John Cusack is adorably vulnerable as Lane and is acompanied by a fantastic cast including Curtis Armstrong (Revenge of the Nerds, Risky Business) and many talented others.

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