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Study Topics

Fourth Principle of Belief: Betterment of the Mind and the Soul

The mind is vast and powerful. We believe it should be used to learn and to educate others as well. Study is important no matter what the subject. But always remember that knowledge can not replace imagination. All talents are embraced and encouraged.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein

Members study many vast topics in an attempt to better mind and soul. Everyone has their own interests and talents. Below are only a few, and some are necessary topics when practicing magick and walking the path of the Goddess. See here for the 6 specific paths of COTG.

Goddesses of the World
Gods of the World
Ancient Civilizations
Ancient Paganism
Roman Civilization
Gnosticism and Ancient Christianity
Buddhism and Zen
Creative Writing and Ritual Design
Crafting of Ritual Tools
Visual Art and Goddess Representation
Various Forms of Divination and Psychic Workings
Energy Play and Auras
Wiccan Traditions
Creation Myths
Stars and Celestial Bodies
Mary as Goddess
Celtic Traditions and Customs
Authurian Legend
Etc… and so on plus more.

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