What are the terms of use of all 1GE downloads?

All brushes, templates, images, backgrounds, etc. are the original creative property of their maker and are not to be redistributed, sold, or passed off as your own. The brushes, templates, and backgrounds are indeed linkware, so visit the link back area to find graphics to use. A text link is also exceptable. Downloading anything means you agree to these terms.

Graphic art and other imagery is off limits for your personal use unless otherwise stated. All graphic art can be used as desktop images of course.

How do I install brushes?

- unzip files to brushes directory of graphics program.
- put only the .jbr/.abr files into the appropriate directory.
for psp(7): Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Brushes
for ps(6): Adobe\Photoshop 6.0\Presets\Brushes

My brushes won't load. Can you help?

Do you have the correct version of the software? Paint Shop Pro 7 uses .jbr files. Photo Shop 6 uses .abr files. If you answered yes to that question try restarting your computer. If that doesn't work make sure you've installed them correctly using the steps listing above.

How do you make brushes?

These links will put you on the right track.
- PSP Links
- Photo Shop Tutorial from About.com
- Jen's Tutorial for PSP7{thanks}

Can you design a template for me or help me to customize one of your existing ones?

No. I'm very sorry, but I have so many real life issues going on that I just don't have the time to do customizing unless you're willing to pay at least $20.00US an hour. The going rate is about $35.00US for web design these days. To learn about html, css, and more go to Jessett.com

Where can I find a free image host for my Blogger powered blog?

I'm not sure what sites allow free image hosting these days. If anyone else knows, please send me an email so I can post links here.


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