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this site: is the personal space of a woman living in a mind full or art, words, and often obscure thought. (Quite insignificant in the scheme of things.) It is used as a place to dream, to connect, to create, and sometimes to vent. If you're looking for something that used to be here - it's gone and most likely always will be. more...

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Spectral Evidence

A phantom, a perfect ghost,
Tattooed and weary
Came to her and smiled.

He gave her new eyes,
A gift
To see her ties,

Thick and solid,
Wrapped around limbs,

Parcel delivered,
He faded,
Pushed her away

To be an image
Alive inside
Her quicksand mind.

Without words,
Stealing glances,
Left wanting

And slipping through the dust
Of a poet's
Well dressed lies.

© 2006 L.M. Hutchings

The Future
I am thinking of doing a lot of changes. As most of you who visit regularly have noticed, updates have been infrequent. After doing some pondering I think the reason for the lack of updates is because I am no longer in the same phase creatively as I was when this site was concieved. I am more confident in my "real world" art and doing a lot of extensive study - working towards an eventual MFA. So, I believe that some time in the rather near future I will be making some changes to this site. I am not saying that I will be getting rid of all of the resources here, but that is a possibility. I am pretty sure that I will no longer have my digital art available - so if you want to grab some as desktops - now would be the time to do it.

After five years going strong and focused on digital art this site is going to change into a place where I can say what I want to say - something I seemed to shy away from for a long time. I feel like I can finally be me, whatever that means - with my sometimes crude humor and constant philosophical waxing. I hope this doesn't mean you will stop visiting, but hey - do what makes you feel good dude.

Anyway - that's the current scoop. Stay or go - your call. Either way, take care and have a lovely life.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
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