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Truth By:Amanda Thornton
Amanda Thornton
14.01.2005 13:13
Although I've had
a few "nights on the town"
I'm not who you see...
I don't "sleep around"...
I may not be innocent,
I'll admit that it's true...
But I'mnot a whore...
I thought that you knew...
I did not plan
on this life of lies,
Of one night stands
and allabies...
I wanted to love,
Wanted someone to hold...
I wanted to FLY...
To walk the Streets of Gold
I know I've screwed up,
But those dreams stillreside,
Somewhere within,
Somewhere deep down inside...
14.01.2005 20:43
I found this poem very touching. It'll never happen again! I promise
18.01.2005 02:23
Amanda, this is really amazing. The emotion is tangible through my monitor as I read it. Thank you for shaing it. I have to admit that I can semi-relate to this and it gave me a moment to reflect.
18.01.2005 15:56
Thanks, Lee... It really means a lot to me to know others can relate and feel the same... Thank You...
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