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"A Dream" By Amanda
18.01.2005 16:25
I look out my window,
And see the world pass me by,
And I can only wish,
I had you here by my side...

Sitting on that swing,
With you holding me so tight,
I think of you for the rest of the day,
And dream of you that night...

A dream brought forth,
From a Flame for so long burning,
I wish I could tell you,
For you my heart is yearning...

Even though Circumstance,
Keeps tearing us apart,
Wait for me , I Promise-
You'll always be in my heart...
20.01.2005 12:24
20.01.2005 13:38
Thanks, Yohann...
21.01.2005 23:24
Very touching poem. I love the rythym and the way it flows so nicely. Thanks for sharing it.
31.01.2005 12:31
Mandi when ever my day is bad I come look at this poem It is truley an insporation to us all. On a personal note, can I send it to my GF I'd love to tell her the words in this poem . Thanks for sharing.
31.01.2005 15:14
Yohann, you don't make sense...
02.02.2005 12:25
Didnt want to turn this site into a soap-opera.Everything in this poem applies to how I feel about you.these are the exact words I want to say to you.
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