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"Who" by Hannah
18.01.2005 23:20
Who has strength stronger than that of a lion’s muscled forearm,
And has the beauty and love like a child full of charm?
Who has the knowledge to know all forebears,
And has the wisdom to make just choices so fair?
Who on the earth has the power of foreboding,
And can forecast the goodness coming our way in rich coating?
Who has the courage to always stand forefront,
And has courage that is so bold not blunt?
Who has a personality so foregoing and caring,
And yet is strong, bold, brave and daring?
Who can foreshadow events that are to come,
And keeps their foresight away from past events so glum?
Who can make sense of the whole from a foreword,
And can understand something mixed up and blurred?
Who can do things such as this we all ask,
And to find who that is, is everyone’s life task.
21.01.2005 23:33
Wow, all wonderful questions. I wish I could answer those. Thanks for sharing a well written piece.
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