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"Funny Valentine", by Kristal Harper
27.01.2005 00:15
Funny Valentine

"My funny Valentine. Sweet comic Valentine. You Make me smile with my
heart. Your looks are laughable, unphotographable. Yet your my favorite
work of art."

Yes my Valentine. Funny Valentine. Fucked up Disfunctional
Valentine.You never made me smile with my heart, lips or any fucking way. You
deceived me, tricked me, hood winked and bamboozled me.

You took a sweet innocent love and corrupted it. Turned it into
something foul. Like you foul and fucked up.
Instead of givine me the love I deserve. You only gave me high blood
pressure, an itchy coochie, and made my hair fall out.

Your a lying, cheating, no good, woman beating, baby mama drama having
muda fucka. You aint the man I perceived you to be, the man you want
society to think you are. Your an imposter. You live a double life, a
hidden mask you wear upon your face.

Yea your looks are laughable but I loved you anyway.You were never on
my level thought our love would cultivate.

Your no work of art, your a piece of work. Too bad I didnt have the
guts to put in work, put you in the dirt.
But you should be used to that since snakes crawl through the dirt on
their bellies.

You low down cock sucking, dick in the booty ass nigga.You aint worth
the effort to write these words. But I had to get it out my system to
say the things I wish, and I aint never hate nobody, but Valentine I wish
you was dead. I hope the next chick give you what you deserve and bash
you in the head.

My funny Valentine, disfunctional Valentine. Your the love of my worst
nightmares and aint nothing funny about the shit we shared. Aint
nothing happy about the memories we shared.
I wanna thank you for teaching me every quality I never want in a man.

Making me appreciate life and the true meaning of loving myself. Now
that I left you I know what real love is and I can't get this stupid grin
off my face.

Cause these days I'm smiling from ear to ear with my my mind, heart and
both sets of lips. Glad I got that piece of paper that says," You
cant come within 20 feet."
Beaming from top to bottom people can see my light. They admiring me
like I'm a work of art.

All the shit I should've felt with you. I now feel by myself. Now ain't
that funny Valentine. Ha Ha. Funny Valentine.

27.01.2005 13:18
Krissy, KUDOS TO YOU!!! I love this poem. It is EXACTLY what I need and want to say my "baby's daddy",if you will. Thank you for posting this, it's actually helped me to get over my anger towards him. Thank You.
31.01.2005 12:28
You got spunk.This poem should be a guide for what us guys shouldn't do. I hope I never put myself in a situation to hear that from my GF.thanks for sharing this poem.
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