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Ramblin by Zozo
27.01.2005 16:02
Where has it gone all home in the mind of average Joe in a storm in a ball of wonder is she still allright in the way that I want the man will die for his actions what has this world gone to when the man that supposedly loves your mother has gone astray for reasons unknown I waill never trust fuckers like that again but then again I wont have too since shes gone oh well life goes on for the living doesnt it la la la la de fuckin da who gives a shit about people over the ocean unless it happens to you Id like to remind you of september eleventh what a day to skip school and listen to my car radio with friends smokin joints thinking about a plane fallin on our heads while the rest of the world thinks about it everyday but if I remember correctly I have thought about shit like that growing up in a country where the west side of it is covered with terrorists and muslim extremests who think we are the terrorist for trying to stop us kill one of ours we take pictures of yours naked and thats worse to them you guys cut many peoples heads off with blunt knives and strap bombs to yourselves what the fuck are you thinking before you blow yourselves up when you see a child and his mother walking past you before you press the button probably that he or she will be against you in the future and you know you are probably correct you sick fuck you know why that is its because your a sick fuck sick fucking our lives up anyway Im pissed so I better keep ramblin away to all the people who piss me off in the world so lets start with the first person me in line you fucking idiot what the hell are you thinking doing that shit to yourself oh god help me and my mind he doesnt know what hes doing all I can do sometimes is watch myself do it and cry but who gives a shit about me except my Papa my Nana my good friend Steven which I hope is doing allright in jail since hes a fuck up and I love him anyway and my Wife who helps me everyday with my life all I have to think about is losing her and I stop all stupid activities and tell her I love her she is my life and I am my life so I better quit thinking silvery bliss thoughts thoughts about parenthood have kicked in and I better get my head in focus to see the future which is making my bloodline of Maskells Rothschilds and Demirs go on I have taken that responsibility and nothing will stop me except myself and you know what I have realized is that my primal urge to keep my blood going on through history is just to keep my race going not black not white not yellow not Brown not anything just human for those racist bastards out ther I have news everyone is racist some way or another shut the fuck up so people out there who have this same thing going on in your brains as I do make a difference how cliche I know but how true also one day our planet will die with all on board and by that time I hope we will have created space travel so we all could go living on for the sake of all humanity quit fucking up like I have so much in the past I have turned a new page my eyes are open are yours you fuckin dumbasses get your thumbs out of you assholes and do something for yourselves stop complaining your nine to five job at least you have one you wish you were million airs you wish you could make a quick buck good luck with the american dream good luck with the lottery good luck with hoping your numbers will hold but you know the american dream is also creating your own life and where your at and note that the key word is creating if God created the world in 6 days and He or She is God dont expect to create your life in the way you want with a cheap lottery ticket that took a minute of your time in a line at shittymart go out work hard create something do what you like and use that so peel your eyes open to the fact that your too lazy if you think that way. And whoever . thinks differently, I dont give a flying fuck keep it to yourselves I give a shit about 3 peoples input on any subject your not on that list andI m probably not on yours so I dont need to here your ideas or how you dont like what I have to say I DONT CARE as you do my ideas for those who do well good i guess thats cool.

By: me, but naturally, what do you care am I right? Prove me wrong...
27.01.2005 16:12
Oh by the way (explicit lyrics) and Im sorry if I offended anybody I had to blow off steam, but I still stand by my ideas. I would like to get some imput, thižs started as a song but got out of hand and my brain would not let my hand stop, I just puked it all out and after it all I felt extremely well, I felt calm and tired. Again I didnt want to offend anybody I just had to scream, and another thing, I love my Wife and parents, God take care of my Mother. Thanks
31.01.2005 12:35
HEY not bad good thoughts for someone so young. you should let lose more often.thanks for the walk through your world.I,d recomend the prayer of hercules.
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