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Robbed by Zozo
29.01.2005 08:06
Just got robbed and violated last night
Im so glad it didnt turn to a fight
Hope I dont find out who did it
Im so mad and scared having a fit
So glad he didnt take my guitar
And that he didnt see the money in the jar
Now Im expecting him any night
What a feeling to live with this fright
Cops had nothing to say except be careful
No kiddin. I cant be bitter and hateful
I guess that person needed money bad
But he better not try it again cause Im mad
I have a knife and bottles ready to fall
As soon as I hear them Ill start down the hall
Find their jugulars and go to town
All fantasy nothing to do but frown
I got robbed have to live with it
But they better not try it again
that piece of shit
02.02.2005 13:19
Zozo, I know just howyou feel. Same feelings I had a couple months ago. Stupid ass ain't been back yet, though. This is really a great poem. Ilike it. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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