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"Prayer of Hercules" Yohann Lestat
29.01.2005 12:36

{This poem is for ne one whos has ever lost your"soulmate" or that one person whoi made you your best}

Time and time again I find myself
Always serching for that something.
Has anyone ever been Happy?
Why is it that when we're happy
the gods become jealous?
The gods themselves send trial after trial.
I've been through Hell and back.
Found happiness in my back yard.
Myself Have become a God,
and still they try me again and again.
Are they so bent on making me crack?
Do they want me to move my cool?
Why in this Fucked up world do Gods attack men?
I've been to Olympis and Hells deepest halls.
and after, returned not a mere man,but a God.
nd still they tempt me,They don't want me happy
In dark anger im a God.In Happiness just a man.
So do they want a God's rage?
Is that why they persecute me?
Well I'll never leave my "happiness".
So to the gods who hear this:
I've found my place in this world.
If you think you can take it back,
If you harm one "happiness' of mine,
No other god man mortal or immortal alike
Will stop my wrath from destroying you.
30.01.2005 01:17
You tell em man, dont put up with shit, take a stand, take whats rightfully yours. Keep a mind frame like that and whatever obsticals come up will be miniscule, good job, I liked it.
31.01.2005 12:26
We do what we can I can only hope that they dont keep fucking with me Id hate to destroy them
31.01.2005 12:58
You kick ass,Yohann...
03.02.2005 12:43
I'll try but they are gods.It would be easier to kick "Uncle John"'s LOL Im kidding
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